About us.

A team focused on delivering fixture kits and interior kits to support retail projects and programs.

A strategic team of experts that will reduce the cost of  retail fitouts.

With nearly 30 years of experience delivering high quality retail projects in global locations, we know a thing or two about working within the retail industry.

We also know that in the retail environment, every dollar counts. That’s why our team goes beyond the normal boundaries of basic retail fixture practice to bring a fresh and new approach to fixture supply and program support.


Our team will fully integrate our services along side your in-house store development or project team to ensure an organised and strategic approach to your project and program. We partner with you and then conduct our work in the background to analyse and develop best -practice execution strategies, to lower the cost of store fixtures and interiors.


With experienced fixture specialists and a large range of support services, we take the hard work out of delivering your fixtures.

Delivering a simplistic model for procuring and managing fixture kits

 - globally.

Since 2006, our global reach has been extended to cater for clients through Europe, the UK and into Africa with many successful projects delivered on time and with great success. We offer a simplified global model for any retailer or brand looking to reduce their costs.

A purpose built fixture supply chain incorporating shelving, joinery and a large range of retail orientated product. 

Our dedication to retail supply chain efficiencies, high quality workmanship and ethical standards means that we are able to execute almost any retail initiative successfully and with minimal risk. 



Our global reach delivers savings to more retailers.

We operate and deliver fixture kits to our strategic clients throughout the UK and Europe. Our simple and cost-effective model means that we can support our clients with efficient fixture drops into country or state locations.


Game changing


The latest store development software and asset management systems.

We talk the same language through the use of new cutting edge, store development software that reduces the time it takes to deliver projects and increases accuracy. Our software has been specially designed to plan, present and map any fixture or joinery requirement in store, providing a complete end-to end solution road map. 

A global material matching library to ensure locally designed products can be produced strategically.

We have developed one of the largest global material-matching libraries of timber, metal, stone and and specialty finishes to ensure locally designed fixtures can be placed into our strategic model without any major supply disruption. 

70,000 SQM  joinery production with retail accessory capability.

We produce joinery and timber related retail product catering for both small and large volume programs giving you maximum opportunity to reduce costs. Retail cabinetry, stone, combination displays, glass and commonly used retail materials are produced by our specialist team. 

100,000 SQM retail shelving and metal production facilities.

Global shelving system and combination product streamlined for both large volume and staged delivery. Featuring the latest machinery and a huge array of global standard profiles from Europe and Australasia.




Head Office -Europe

Ausmart International Limited
DMG Business Centre, 12 Camden Row, Dublin 8, Ireland

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